After Juggernaut was cancelled two weeks in a row due to extreme cold/snow/ice and then last week QIC Les Nessman showed up to zero PAX, YHC was glad to see Grady tweet the night before that he and Superstar would be turning out.  Consistently reliable CDC came out too.

No FNGs, so brief disclaimer given and we’re on our way …

• Jog down and back entrance road, circle (actually a square or diamond today, since there were only 4 of us) under the lights near the rock pile.  All counts throughout the workout were 4-counts and the number’s listed are to the best of YHC’s remembrance.
• SSH’s x 25
• Good mornings x 15

  • Imperial walkers x 20

• Sir Fazio arm circles x 8 forward, then x 8 reverse

The Thang

Head past the rock pile, bear crawl up the hill, then indian run (kind of modified; since only four of us, tried to spread out a bit and it was a nice effort at an indian run) through the dark across all the fields to the far side behind the school.  (YHC’s apologies — although it didn’t seem like we actually received much of the predicted rain this week, we found one patch that was pretty heavy mud;of course, it was too dark out there to see what we were getting into or avoid any of it)

Partner up near the playground equipment:
• Each PAX completes 20 pull-ups, while other partner does burpees (or assists as needed)
• Then head to the parallel bars and each PAX completes 20 dips on the parallel bars, while other partner does prisoner squats

Mosey over to the gravel track
•PAX alternate running a lap around the track while your partner completes an exercise (note that Superstar is 10 years old and can run with pretty much anyone, very impressive):
o first two laps each, standard merkins
o next two laps each, LBCs

Run back across all the fields to the rock pile, including karaoke to both sides along the way (and the mud patch again)

Grab a rock:
• Shoulder press x 15

  • Curls x 15
  • • Bent over rows x 15

Then complete a second round of each of those three exercises x 15, then a third round of each of the exercises x 10.  Deposit rocks.

Run (with a little bear crawl added in along the way) to the picnic tables

  • Alternating step-ups x 20
  • Urkens x 15
  • Mountain Climbers x 15
  • Alternating steup-ups x 20
  • Urkens x 10
  • Mountain climbers x 15


• Freddie Mercury’s x 20

  • Heels to Heaven x 20
  • Freddie Mercury’s x 15
  • Heels to Heaven x 15




3rd  F Forum continues at noon on Mondays at Panera Bread on Six Forks (near Whole Foods)

Still being a relatively new workout, Juggernaut has struggled a bit in numbers as we moved through the winter — encourage FNGs and other F3 men to check it out/return

Prayer requests:

Superstar’s grandmothers (Grady’s mother and MIL) both dealing with illnesses

Thanks to CDC for taking us out in prayer.  YHC’s pleasure to lead this fine group of PAX!