With shovel flag planted, A Pax of 6 gathered at the Healing Place on a mild Friday afternoon. After some Nick Saban like recruiting by Duff, a now Pax of 8 circle around the courtyard fountain with a crowd watching.

The Thang

Warmup: Imperial Walker x 15, Good morning x 15, SS Hop x20, Merkins x10, Mountain Climbers x15

Move over to arena seats for:
Irkins x15
Derkins x10
Jump up Burpees x10 OYO
Irkins x 15
Derkins x 10
Alternating Steps ups to top x 20

Jog out of the arena to the field for:
Partner Wheel Barrow Race (won by Yo Adrian and YHC)
Wheel Barrow back
Bear Crawl Race (Captain Kangaroo smoked the field)
Prisoner Squats x20
Backward Bear Crawl Race (Captain K just as fast going backward)
Prisoner Squats x 20

Jog to Parking lot for:
Quick Feet on curb x 30
Mini Dips x 20

Backward and forward run
Side Shuffle
Merkins x5 at each stop
Ski Abs x 5 at each stop
(Mini Fridge won most of these races, pushed by Duff)

Back to the Arena for Mary:
Dying Cockroach x15
Six inch leg hold 10 count by all
LBC x 20
Box Cutter x15



Arena shirts have been ordered, any Healing Place client posting twice will receive one.

Wildcat has almost kicked his smoking habit.

Yo-Adrian has become a regular at the Arena, good to see.

Great devotion about having a plan for temptation read by Orwell. Thanks brother.

YHC took us out in prayer.

-Mini Fridge has some hops, not sure where those came from.
-Hearing Fiddler badger Duff with high school banter is priceless.

After a long week, stepping into and Q’ing the arena is exactly what I needed to put things into perspective. Thanks for the opportunity to lead, observe and grow.