YHC took son Robert aka Mean Joe Green, to Flood Zone’s AO and let him plan today’s FZ workout.  Halfway through, when MJG started giggling while he planned it out….I should have figured I should think through his workout….I didn’t.   Today’s FZ was Whorable…..in a great F3 way…as follows:


  • 15 Good Mornings
  • 15 Imperial Walkers
  • 10 slow Merkins


Run up Edwards Mill Rd….for those who haven’t enjoyed this “hill”, while not at the terrible level of Sysiphus, it comes close and is 4 times the distance.

High Life helped keep the group integrity (nice way to say he kept the rabbits busy while they waited for the tortoises to catch up) by planking out while we caught up, until we made it to the top of the hil…we then:

Moseyed to bottom of the hill….said hill being 45-75 degrees in angle ascent/decent for 4 sets of Backward Bear Crawls, while half the group did some form of abdominal exercises of 1) LBCs, 2) Windshield Wipers, 3) Long Slow Flutters, then Squat Holds.  These Backward Bear Crawls up the hill were TOUGH!

Run Edwards Mill back down, with ManRam and Mustard Chili Onions leading planks and merkins while the Tortoises caught up.   Then..

Rabbit hop up stairs for Merkins, then Circle up for Mary of various exercies led by multiple PAX…Ringwald, Gepetto and one other…sorry I forget.  Then Circle up for

  • Countorama
  • Namorama
  • Announcements
  • Prayer Requests
  • Prayer….Baby Farley took us out Strong

Beautiful time spent with my Neanderthal Brothers…..I Love You Guys

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  • Great work MJG. BRR training has me focused on Tahoe, but this sounds like it was a classic. #toddstrong

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