YHC is new to the area, currently living in Garner while we build a home I was anxious to find some South Wake guys to join for some pain in the gloom and to help prepare for upcoming events. Quick intro: I’m a Physical Therapist that has been in Greenville, NC for the past 4.5 years and with F3 ENC for the last 2. I am originally from Apex and worked for Raleigh Ortho coming out of ECU’s PT program for 1.5 years as well. Have a great family, Wonderful M (Fia: Muggle), 3 2.0’s (7 y/o Noah: F3 name Picasso and Lily and Grace). I love to run and love to work out with my F3 brothers and believe in building male leadership in our homes, communities, and work places. My ENC F3 brother Gazelle (Brad Bagley) and I have been working out and running for the last 2-3 years and we have developed a true friendship, grown in our faith, and challenged each other physically, mentally, and spiritually.  I am a better man because of him and many others from the ENC Region. Another one of those men is Papa Smurf, one of F3 ENC’s original crew. Some may have heard his amazing story of leadership, courage and passion for those around him. He was diagnoses last fall with a rapid progressive version of ALS which took his physical life earlier this year.  Sure didn’t away the impact he had on those around him.

Here is a portion of previous BB “Papa Smurf and the Nipple” from my days as site Q for “The Commons”
” I’ve come to hate the disease, hate to see it gradually take away independence and function.  One thing I know is the bravery and courage that the Cooper family had throughout this progression. The positive spirit that Papa emitted to all those he was near was amazing.  ALS wasn’t beating Papa he was using ALS to spread love, wisdom, passion and most importantly hope in his Lord in Savior Jesus Christ.  He had 2 choices when he found out the diagnosis, he decided to reach out, inspire, fight, and use his journey to be a positive light.   He made that decision not just because he was a good guy, not for himself, not for the awards or recognition but to bring glory to Jesus.  Evident in his funeral today, he didn’t want today to be about sadness but a celebration of his life and his heavenly body and the fact that he is now bumping elbows with Jesus.  He always asked about F3, new sites, new people/nicknames, sports, current events, but he would ask about how I and my family where doing.

He meant a lot to the ENC Region, we have seen what F3 can do for a community and how it can bring a group of men can band together to make a huge impact.  F3 ENC uses the phrase “Give it away” commonly now.  Find the sad clowns and get them plugged in, its free and the benefits of all 3 F’s are huge.  Find your gift and use it.

The Thang:

Call put of for a new AO #GettinTheRuns put out and several PAX helped spread the word.

5AM EC Run:

G-string, Humpback, and YHC (Stretch) met for a quick 3.5 mile run around Lake Benson Tail-White Deer, Timber, Aversboro Rd back to Faith Community Church.  YHC remembers Humpback saying “Man there is a ton of guys over there!”   YHC was pumped to get the guys started and share in some pain together.

5:30AM GettinTheRuns

Disclaimer given as there are 5 FNG’s, reviewed that this site will push any level, if you get done early to keep working, to run back for the six.  Recovery for #GettintheRuns will be running slower not stopping.

Warm up in cadence: SSH (20), Lunges (20), Good Mornings (10)

2 line Scout Run to field at White Deer Park; PAX to perform Seven’s OYO (Jumping Lunges (Modify with Lunge) 1- Plank Jacks 6) and repeat until count is reversed. YHC shortened the distance from the full field to just 1/2.

PAX run to White Deer Pinic Shelter:10 Box Jumps (Step ups modify) on Table run a lap around parking lot long or short loop.  Plank-a-rama for the six

Catch me if you can: find similar speed partner, running to bridge on Greenway and back to Shelter; 1st partner runs with steady pace while partner does 10 mountain climbers, sprint to chase down your partner and switch roles. 20 tricep dips for the six

Indian Run back to Aversboro Rd and Jailbreak back to the Flag.

Great to see everybody push today with mileage from 3 miles to 5 miles depending on your pace.  #Meanmeanstride  #CoopStrong

BOM: Prayers for Village’s family as his Grandpa is sick (my memory is horrible so I apologize Village if I screwed that up)

Annoucments: M and F workouts at Vance Elementary School 5:45AM 20 min early for EC, Sasquach F3 event on the 29th at ENC Region 15$ and truly great event for a good cause.

Great work guys, #GiveitAway, Stretch Out