The opening post for the New Year found a light post of seven PAX. The fartsackers missed a good one with clear skies and cool temps…. YHC lit the gloom for a co-Q with Kayne.  This turned into a reality show burner with Kayne seeking revenge for dissing The Crick Wednesday

The Thang:

– Mosey to the upper parking lot

– Line up for New Year line work

– Skip length of parking lot, back pedalboard back to start

– Sprint length, back pedal back

– Kaoroke across the parking lot, back pedal back

– Kaoroke across facing the other way, back pedal back

– Skip the length of the parking lot

– Mosey to the circle and circle up

– SSH x 30

– Merkins x 20

– Air squats x 20

– Imperial walkers x 20

– Mountain climbers x 20

– Good mornings x 15

– Mosey to the wall

– Split into two groups

– One group runs a lap while the other does merkins

– Keep the low count, switch until total equals 100 Merkins

– Mosey to the playground for three rounds of Cindy

– 5 pull-ups, 10 Merkins, 15 Air Squats

Hand the Pax to Kayne

– Jog to Bus Loop

– Indian Run with walking lunges and bear crawls.. 2x through

– Jog to Walgreens

– Derkins x15

– Quick Feet x20

– Jump the parking stops x3 laps

– Diamond Merkins x15

– Dips x15

– WWIIs x15

– Butterfly Merkins x10

– Diamond Merkins x10

– Dips x10

– LBCs x15

– Butterfly Merkins x8

– Diamond Merkins x8

– Dips x8

– WWIIs x10

– Butterfly Merkins x8

– Jog to the planters

– Box jumps x15

– Jog to the ramp

– Bear crawl to the steps

– Crabwalk to the parking lot

– People’s chair x70

– People’s chair with Rock down the line and back 5 times

– Balls to the wall x70

– Mozy to the parking lot


– Russian Hammers x35 with rock being passed every 5 counts

– Slow flutter x15

– Reverse LBC x15

– LBC x15


– Kickstarter Jan 5th (New year FNG workshop buildup for 6 Mondays)

– Krispy Kreme run February 14th

– Tclaps to Snapchat for coming off IR


The New Year started well for the PAX of The Crick. Regulars return and Snapchat back from IR. Excitement brewing for a new crop of FNGs from the Kickstarter, a one year anniversary of The Crick around the corner and a growing strength of the PAX.

That at is all.