Every Saturday before the sun comes up the PAX at the Quickhatch saddle up for another grunt. The group of three welcomed newcomer Oflex for his first ruck.

The Thang:

– Rucks on and mosey to three little pigs house

– Pick up one little pick and step off

– Head toward the highway with pit stop one at the first corner

– Merkins x 20

– Air squats x 20

– Prisoner SSH x 20

– Load back up with the pig

– Ruck to DHL

– Lunge walk across the street and back

– Merkins x 15

– Ruck back to homebase

35 minutes 1.95 miles


Oflex made his maiden ruck without a hitch. Respect. Good work and good fellowship on the ruck. Always a pleasure to meet in the gloom and carry a log.

That is all.