15 Pax showed up for the first PAX competition at the new Dawn Patrol. Read on to see who won the first virtual trophy of 2014-15.  More competitions to follow with plenty of waves and sand (bags).

Run to the entrance of Laurel Hills take a right. High knees, butt kickers and backwards run to corner then around to the bag entrance for the warm-up


Imperial Walker x 20
Nippler x 20
Side Shuffle Hop x 20
Ski Abs x 20
Windmill x 20

The Thang

Run to the field and partner up – size does not matter, but fitness level may help


Run around the Loop as many times as you can with your partner
Stop at 2 stations.
Station 1: Sandbags – 20 squats each
Station 2: Field – 20 Merkins each

The teams with the most laps win the virtual Dawn Patrol trophy

Congratulations to Bob Vila and Gnobby for completing the most laps the allotted time (5).

Back to the soccer field for Mary
Split from your partner for Competitive Mary
Team 1 – Chong Li called 30 World War 2 Sit-ups
Team 2 – Bob Vila called 10 Prison Cell Merkin Burpees


Announcements: Mud Run is October 4, sign up by July 15
Prayers: Dufresne and his family. Visitation is Saturday from 6-8 and the Service is Sunday at 3pm at Edenton Street United Methodist Church.

Tony Robbins took us out.