Last night, YHC decides to take the family to a lovely Cary establishment that looks like a former gas station #lovedrinkingatbarswithjunkhangingfromtheceilingtoo named Abbey Road. We had the wings for an app. They won. This morning presented some gastrointestinal issues but only pushed back the launch by two minutes. The PAX lives by a tight schedule so they started to the work-out promptly at 5:45. #leadership

In total, nine PAX members made it through a sloppy morning. #puns Let’s see what happened in the slop:

-Fast Mosey to COP – SSH, IW, Good Mornings, Mountain Climbers, Stump Jumper, Ski Abs

-Picnic tables – Dips, LR Step-up, Incline Merkins, Box Jumps, Derkins x2 #burner #BRR #weakeningupperbody

-Ten Rounds of Tyson at the soccer pitch – Merkins, LBCs, Jumping Lunge, Star Jumps, Wide-Grip Merkins, Freddy M, Diamond Merkins, Carolina Dry Docks, Prisoner Squats, and Burpees.

– Suicide – Times deuce.

– Mary – Heels to Heaven, Dying Cockroach, and ‘Merican Hammers.

– Suicide – Two times again.

– Mosey toward COT – Two sets around the loop with planks while you wait for your partner.


Naked Moleskin:

– My sincere apology for coming late this morning. I’ll never eat wings prior to leading an F3 work-out again. #lifelessons
– Burt was on fire this morning. Get that guy talking about Freddy Mercury or restroom humor and pull up a chair. #goldjerry
– Rolled around in the mud this morning. Soccer field was not pre-tested for moisture and the PAX received a free mud bath for their ashy skin. #peoplepaymoneyforthatstuff
– Shaggy graced our presence this morning. Awesome to have you on the A-Team bus and come anytime!
– Nabisco and Surcharge expanded their F3 presence and joined the A-Team bus this morning. Great to have you both out there. Surcharge wore long sleeves because it was 60 degrees at the launch. #poorcirculation? YHC is worried about winter months.


– Run the stairs on 9/11, don’t show up to A-Team on Labor Day #labor, and sign-up for the Mudrun.

McCants took us out!

Always an honor to spend the morning with each of you!