7 for a mystery Q. Surprise, it was me. Nobody seemed happier than Wendell Gee.

Quick Warm-Up in the parking lot, optimistic that somebody would be bold enough for the Tahoe/GoRuck double down this Friday. The number stayed at 7 and we boogied onward.

Straight to Root Elementary where an amoeba of workout groups formed between Tahoe and Lame Duck for a series of merkins, Freddy Mercurys (or should it be Mercuries?), and squats.

Ran over to Northampton and split up into partners. Partner 1 run up the hill, Partner 2 stay at the bottom and do exercises. YHC couldn’t decide whether to instruct the Pax to do 10 or 20 of each rep while waiting for their partner to return. Denali came up with 15; not sure about his math on that one.

Hoof it back to Panera/Starbucks via the following route while stopping every so often for merkins, abs, and squats:
Northhampton to Hertford
Hertford to Transylvania
Transylvania to Alleghany
Alleghany to Yadkin
Yadkin To Northbrook
Northbrook to Six Forks
Topics of conversation were as follows:
– Cam Newtown
– Steve Smith
– Jameis Winston
– Where everyone liked to Summer
– Boston Marathon signs
– Florida
– There will be a 4×4 relay event at the Sir Walter Miler track meet on 8/4 and throughout the Summer there will be mile races and a downhill mile race, all put on by the Sir Walter Miler running group that is popular in Raleigh. Enron would like to see F3 heavily involved in this, with multiple folks at each event and a couple of 4×4 teams. If interested reach out or start posting to Hi-Fi.
– Haven House Cornhole tournament has their website up and running. http://www.battleofthebagsnc.org/
Participate at this great event.

Ron Mexico Q’ing next week, Wendell Gee on Cinco de Mayo, and Soul Glo on Doce de Mayo.

Enjoyed it fellas, see you next Friday