This was the biggest turnout at Mutiny in 2016 so far – 15 Pax including 1 FNG.  YHC thought maybe we could focus on fellowship while we workout; hence, Partnerama!

Warm Up

  • Jog around lower field, making way to upper field to begin 4 Corner Warm Up.
  • 1st Corner – SSH x 30 IC, sprint to next corner
  • 2nd Corner, Imperial Walkers x 20, Hillbillies x 10 IC, sprint
  • 3rd Corner, Mountain Climbers x 30 IC, sprint
  • 4th Corner, Air Squared x 20 IC, Recover.

The Thang: Partnerama!

  • Partner 1 Jogs to end of field, sprints back while Partner B does Merkins AMRAP. Partner B holds low plank while Partner A box jumps over him 20 times. Switch and repeat.
  • The Bropee (face your partner, do a burpee then double high five at the top of the jump). Partner 1 Jogs to end of field, sprints back while Partner B does WWI situps AMRAP. Then 10 Bropees. Switch and repeat, 20 Bropees total.
  • Partner 1 Bear Crawls to 50 yd line while Partner 2 back peddles to 50 yd line and SSH until Partner 1 gets there.  Switch, Partner 2 bear crawls to end of field while Partner 1 back peddles.  Return to other side of field doing the same thing except running forward this time.
  • Partner Carry – Partner 1 carries Partner 2 to 50 yard line, switch and go to the end of the field. Switch, return back to 50 yard line, switch again and return to starting position.
  • Relay Race – Partner 1 goes to middle of the field.  On GO, Partner 2 back peddles and passed baton to Partner 1, who back peddles to the end of the field, then sprints forward returning to Partner 2, who then sprints forward to original position finishing the race. Winner calls the next exercise… (winning team was Blue Hen and McRib).
  • Boat / Canoe x 25, then run to 50 yd line and back (called by Blue Hen)
  • Box Cutters x 30 (called ever so softly by McRib)

Partner Mary

  • Guantanamo x 20 for each Partner
  • Chill Cut Plank Off (face your partner and hold the plank, first to lose position has to run the field).  I think several of the Pax decided they would prefer the run to the plank hold.


  • Welcome Ranger Rick!  We expect some roundhouse kicks and Walker Texas Ranger moves from you in the gloom.
  • YHC has dropped the ball by not building a new shovel flag.  Per the senior Pax, there should be 1 shovel flag per AO.  It will be built ASAP.
  • Howard gave some good info on Road IDs, a bracelet with your contact info on it so if something were to happen during a workout, the other Pax know how to get in touch with family members.  Great idea, we should all have one.
  • Continue to spread the word about the crawl, I plan to this week in Durham.
  • The Nutrition Challenge is on! Kid Cracker has details coming to the Pax via email, good stuff.
  • Prayers for Bernie’s mother.