I don’t waste time warming up, so I won’t warm up here. TClaps to the 18 that showed, including 2 FNGs.

The Thang:

Run a bit – 25 Mountain Climbers, 25 Merkins, Plank left arm up, Plank right arm up

Run some more – Run some bases forwards (1st), shuffle left (2nd), backwards (3rd), shuffle right (home), then repeat. Balls to the wall, 20x, Merkins, 20x. Run the bases again, then repeat. People’s Chair , 20x, Merkins 20x.

Run around the block to the apartment hills. Time for 11’s. Backwards up the hill, 10 squat jacks, forwards down the hill 1 Merkin, and so forth to 1 squat jack and 10 Merkins.

Run back through the park, through the sprinklers. Split 2 groups, group 1 w/ 10x Pull-ups, group 2 plank, switch, repeat, and switch again to repeat again.

Run up Big Mo Mulch over to the stadium stairs. 20x Irkins, 20x Dips, 20x Left Right Step-ups. Repeat. LeBron’s up the stadium stairs, 10x Derkins OYO.

Run back around to baseball field 1. JACK WEBBS, 10:1. Long Slow Flutter 20x, Bird Dogs 20x (for those who follow men’s health on twitter), 20x Hammers.


Shanaynay said something about what college kids do, Countrywide’s shoes got wet, Epoxy slacked off today, and Lamp is the official FNG name police. Stay tuned to twitter, as apparently Blogs are becoming less hip these days.