The Heavy Metal haters weren’t there. Most never have been. Many have never stepped foot in Roanoke Park. But they love to talk about us. And they’re here to read about our workout. Glad we have your attention. Come join us sometime!

WARM-UP:  Jog > SSH x 25 > Imperial Walkers x 25 > Good Mornings x 20 > Sir Fazio arm circles x 20 (reverse) > Fists of Fury x 20

THE THANG:  Bear crawl thru a circuit of 6 stations with gear exercises AMRAP as follows–1.Tricep extensions 2.Shoulder presses 3.Dumbbell curls 4.Scotty Bobs 5.Kettlebell raises 6.Sand bag run

Drop gear & run to basketball court at other end of the park 

Bear crawl full court & back to start

Crab crawl full court & gorilla walk back to start

2-line suicide sprints (repeato)

Plank-o-rama (variety pack)

Jog back to the open grass for Mary

10 Burpees > LBC’s x 20 > Freddy Mercurys x 20 > High Slow Flutter x 20 > Seated Fists of Fury x 20