No one was more excited about Kiper’s maiden Q than Gnard Dogg. Despite hints about a partner carry up Sisyphus, Gnard showed up with more energy than ever.

Kiper’s Mock Q

Run to lot next to tennis courts and standard warm-up

Count off and note odd and even
20 Side Shuffle Hop
20 Good mornings
20 Imperial Walkers
10 Merkins
10 Burpees OYO

To tennis courts
Odd – Suicide
Even – People’s Chair

Odd – Bearcrawl to the other side and Crabwalk back
Even – People’s Chair

Odd – Karaoke to the other side and sprint back
Even – People’s Chair

Kiper hands the Q over to Coscto

Run to bottom of Sisyphus and pick a rock

Overhead press x 20
Tricep ext x 20
Curls x 20
Rows x 20

Pick a partner
Partner carry to the top
Plank until finished

Mosey to baseball field for 7’s
Merkins & Squats

Six-inch leg hold while PAX counted to 5

Thanks to Kiper for agreeing to Q after the USMC Mudrun Saturday afternoon. All it took was an ask and Kiper is already talking about future Q’s.  If you haven’t Q’d, reach out to a site Q or partner up with a friend and lead a workout.  Ask Deliverance, you won’t regret it.

MacGruber closed with a prayer.