13 PAX showed up to get out of their comfort zone and push a bit harder than normal.

2 laps around the track with high knees, butt kickers, karaoke, and 2 accelerations.
Imperial Walkers
Good Mornings

Thang 1:
4 laps of chariot races w/partner. Use the bands on the straights, recover on the corners.
each partner ran 400m with resistance

Thang 2:
8 laps of Prefontaine’s. These are 200m at mile pace, then 200m recovery (1/3 slower). So for example, 45/60 for the lap split and repeat for 8 laps.

Most of us completed this exercise as prescribed, and I believe all ran the fast pace between 40 and 50 seconds.

prayers for Getty’s friend who needs a bone marrow transplant
Cinderella did the honors