May the 4th be with you. Sorry, couldn’t resist. YHC had been working on a “This is Spinal Tap” special set-list for today’s edition of the Bearings. Then it rained, and rained some more. Too bad. So sad. Fletcher field and Hamburger Hill are off limits. No matter, there’s plenty o’ pavement to be found.

10 PAX for the almost year old pre-run. The days of just Yoyo and YHC running beforehand have long gone. It has become a device for PAX to increase the suckatude that is Ball Bearings. Yippie was on time. Pepe and JP Prewitt were not. Wait, wasn’t there someone else? In the end, Red Card chased down Horse Hair. RC hates to lose at running or mustache growth. The latter is just creepy. Speaking of Crepe Myrtles, their leaves or branches don’t taste very well.

30 PAX for the main event. No FNG’s. VSF planted. No disclaimer. Moving on.

Warm Up:
*Run down Washington to Glenwood, and up to Peace. Circle up in Mellow Mushroom overflow parking.
*SSH X20, Imp Walkers x20, 10 penalty burpees oyo (no PAX counting during walkers), Good Mornings x15

The Thang:
*Jog to Boylan St. Gaze down to the base of the hill. Now look right. There it is. McDowells, the certified production facility of the prized Five Points Trip-el Burrito. As you drool in awe, there is work to do. Earn the first leg.
*Set of 11’s – Burpees at the top, squat jumps at the bottom.
* When finished, AMRAP 30 LBC’s and 10 Merkins till all are finished. Ben Johnson and Chippy win the VT for this set.

*Jog back to the park pic-a-nic shelter and partner up. Nothing matters. Pick somebody.
*Partner 1 runs down to the yard art and back. Partner 2 AMRAPs 5 pull ups, 10 Derkins, 10 Irkins, 20 Low Slow Flutta. Flap Jack and Repeat.
*Plank-o-rama till all finish. Interesting versions of Chilcuttery on display.

*Jog to tennis courts and circle up. American Hammers x 35


*See the F3 Raleigh page for Haven House and Healing Transitions announcements. Support these ministries. Get out of your comfort zone. Be present.
*5 points 5K (not to be confused with We Crochet) coming up soon. Apologies for forgetting the beneficiary of the race. Horse Hair has the detes
*It was great to see many new faces, and several old ones returning to F3 Raleigh’s first and finest Weekday Workout. We ran a bit this morning. Apologies for that. Solid work by all.
*Graceland took us out in a strong prayer
*Humbled to lead, and honored to serve.