And so it was. Arms were twisted, manhood was questioned. However, the rucksacking of farts was being formed into a work of art by YHC. Since that crisp mid-October weekend, I had sworn off the ruck. I had my patch, what the hell else did I need? I’d walked in my front door proclaiming that my wife kill me if I ever discuss doing a GRC again. Immobilized for days. Sore for months after. Before too long, however, I heard the whisper of a Nessman EH. “Come on man” he said. “It’s fun” he lied. Maybe I was still in shock from what my body had just been put through, but my internal monologue quipped “You crazy Nessman”. The EH is a powerful tool, and I finally succumbed to its strength. 2 weeks out of the gloom due to a traveling M and you want me to Q #bookbag? Whatever. Fine. I’ll do it.

Since the AO is the same as the original “Raleigh Tough Man” workout, True Grit, I decided to forego coupons and most anything else related to a GRC except the #bookbag.

Warmup sans #bookbag.
SSH X 20
Imperial Walker X 15

Ruck on, mosey to the rocks and grab a friend. Mosey over to the “soccer field”, drop your rock, and circle up again for the some PT.

SSH X 50 w/ruck.
Ruck curl X 15
Ruck Shoulder Press X 15
Ruck Squat X 20

*sidenote-if you’ve never done 50 SHHs with a ruck you don’t know what you’re missing. Melts calories faster than MacGruber can say “bitch”.

Grab your rock for a bear crawl-merkin-rock toss with rucks on.
Stand along the path facing the field. Throw your rock, bear crawl to it, do a merkin. Throw your rock, bear crawl to it, do 2 merkins. So on and so forth til you reach 8 merkins. Turn around and head back toward the path doing the same filth, but perform merkins in descending order.

Turn around and face the hill on the path for some sort of bent ladder with rucks on.
10 rock curls, 10 rock presses, drop rock and run uphill. Run back down and increase exercises by 5 reps. Continued up to 20 reps.

Mosey back to the base of the dam and return rocks. Mosey to tunnel for weighted wall sit. Did several sets with line countdowns, each time increasing knee flexion.

Mosey to bridge for quick set of incline merkins and one-legged squats with rucks on.

Mosey to parking lot and gather under the street light. Sit with 6s on the curb and start doing ruck flutters. One man runs around the parking lot with ruck overhead. Continue until all pax have completed a lap. That’s a lot of flutters.

Mary was comprised of box cutters and dying cockroach.

It felt really good to get the #bookbag back on. Minimal running, just pushing weight around and testing your mind and body to take the punishment. Dare say I even had fun doing it. Thanks for the push Tuck and Nessman. I may even voluntarily sign up to Q. No announcements that I can recall, but Rogers offered some kind words for the loss of YHC’s friend recently. I’ve had family members and friends die, but I’ve never known anyone personally that has been murdered. It is truly an unbelievable feeling. Processing that information is hard for the mind to comprehend. I think about those children and families who grow up surrounded by it in their neighborhoods and it’s enough to make one openly weep for those folks.