Parking is in the back if the parking lot is still closed.

Alright so here it goes. The Judge. It looks like one of the first non soggy days in a while but my guess is the humidity will be out in full force.

Partner up and mosey to the warmup area. Warmup.

Run to the base of the big grassy knoll. Partner wheelbarrow up to the top switching whenever needed. “Hand release merkin Bear crawl partner chase while partner lunges”‘ down (yes thats a thing).  What this means is one partner is lunging down the hill and the other is bear crawling to chase them. Once the bear crawler tags the lunger, the lunger does 5 hand release merkins and then bear crawl chases. Pretty straight forward……but sounds complicated.

Mosey over to the concrete sidewalk on the backside of the lake. Do 10 Merkins to Lunges (I will demonstrate) and 10 WW2s. Run around the lake and where there are those orange drains raised off the ground (pick any of the five there) do 10 dips, 10 box jumps. Run back to the bottom of the hill and repeat. Counts go up by 2 each round.