After three months of mooching off others, I finally Q’d at Urban Jungle.  29 pax gathered on a warm and humid morning.

Warmup: jogged to front of NH for circle up

SSH x 20, Sir Fazio x 26, Mountain climbers x 20

The Thang

jog to the fountain for two sets of jump ups x 20, merkins x 12                             jog to the garage for pull-up/burpees suicides (five of each for six sets)                   Indian run 3/4 mi to Lassiter Mill Bridge for decline merkins x 15, dip x 12, merkin x 15, dip x 12                                                                                               Run back up Mt Lassiter to NH at oyo pace. Deliverance was hoping for two round trips of this mighty Raleigh peak!                                                           Mary: lcb x 20, American Hammers x 20, WWII sit ups x 20

COT: namearama.                                                                                                   Announcements: Komen Race June 16th, new Wednesday workout sites.           Prayers: Dufresne