Another Wednesday and another workout at picturesque Fletcher Park.  Cinderella and Orwell joined us after a disappointing response at The Healing Place.  If you get a chance get out there and support their workout.  With a great view of the sunrise, rather than say a parking deck, we set off to warm up in the soccer field parking lot.

Warm Up:  SSH, Good Morning, Windmill, Imperial Walkers x20

Up to the soccer field for some 100yd Bear Crawls and Crab Walks with exercises to break things up a little.

Bear Crawl w/ 10x Merkins, 15x Prisoner Squats and 20x LBC’s interspersed.  Sprint back

Crab Walk w/ 10x Merkins, 15x Jump Lunges and 20x LBC’s.  Sprint back

Bear Crawl w/ 10x Dry Docks, 15x Prisioner Squats and 20x LBC’s.  Spring back

Down to the stone circle for some deconstructed Burpees.  Partnered up, with Partner 1 doing 10 Plank Jacks at the bottom, then up a level for 10 Merkins, up another level for 10 Squat Jumps then run around your favorite light pole and back to the stone circle to flapjack with Partner 2.  After a couple rounds we moved on down to the picnic tables.

Partner 1 executes AMARP table exercise while Partner 2 runs up hill to sidewalk for 5 Merkins, then flapjack.  Rotate through all tables 2x.

Table 1 – Pullups, Table 2 – Incline Merkins, Table 3 – Decline Merkins, Table 4 – Dips

Mary: LBC x 30, Slo-mo Freddie Mercury’s x 20, Rosalita x 30

KD is off to TARP’s house with Moose and Rocco to help him find a way to fit in a workout with a newborn in the house.