VSF planted due to a certain yellow stallion not appearing in the AO. YHC humbly accepted the challenge to serve and issue the beat down to 23 shield locked PAX. Welcome and disclaimer (sort of) issued and we were off.

Run down to Yard Art (its a cardinal, stare a long time to see it….in the daylight) and around the park via the backside trail. Accelerate up hill, and jog to upper parking lot. Karaoke right and then left around island. Repeat till all PAX arrive.

Warm Up: SSHx20, Good Morningsx20, Imperial Walkersx20

The Thang:

  • Run to the base of Hamburger Hill for 11’s. Bear Crawl up, Burpees at the top, run down, star jumps. When finished, PAX run (jog for Au Pair) around the field, plus merkins in cadence x 10 (20 reps by YHC) as final PAX finish with 11’s.
  • Run (jog) to stone circle. Find a spot on a wall. 7’s – dips and derkins, 10 box jumps, 7’s dips and irkins, 10 box jumps (20 total for those keeping score). All done OYO
  • Run up to Money Hose’s House O’ Cats: Group 1 – peoples chair, group 2 – run down hamburger hill, across field to fence, and back. Flapjack. Repeat all x2 with Balls to the Wall (set 2), and Peoples Chair (set 3)

Mary time:

  • LBC’s x 20


  • Ball Bearings is a special AO for many reasons. Today YHC wanted to focus on the glory that is our hill. Throughout history men have fought and died defending or taking hills. The hill topped by Wills Forest St (adjacent to Fletcher Park) housed Confederate trenches during the American Civil War, for protection against the Federal forces of William T. Sherman. Other notable battles: Bunker Hill, Little Round Top and Culp’s Hill at the Battle of Gettysburg, San Juan Hill, Monte Cassino, Mount Surabachi, and Finally the Battle of Blenheim. Men have also trained for war on hills. For Example, the 506th parachute Infantry regiment in WWII, ran 3 miles up and 3 miles down 4 times a week at Mount Currahee in Toccoa, Ga. War binds brothers in arms together. It is the only way to achieve victory in attacking or defending the high ground.
    Our lives contain hills and valleys, through F3, we lock shields, helping each other along the way. Through our workouts, we leave no man behind, and finish together in an effort to defeat “Sad Clown Syndrome” and become the leaders our community needs us to be. Hamburger Hill is that weekly struggle that brings us together. Stand together!
    For YHC there is that special accent of a hill by one man, working solo, that has made more difference in YHC’s life than any other. He conquered death, and paved the way for eternal life.
  • Geddy took us out in prayer….mightily.


  • Welcome FNG N’Daiye – giving in the to the EH from Nabisco. NC State grad and fan. Strong work this am.
  • The 20 reps of each exercise were an homage to the 20th trip across Glenwood Avenue for YHC. September 3rd seems farther away than just 4 months. Sure, YHC could go to a parking deck on Wednesdays. The question stands: why would anyone drive or go anywhere else, when the toughest beat down in F3 Raleigh can be found a short jog from ones front door? Secondly, YHC has a fear of F3 guys doing warm-up in his front yard, because he failed to abandon the fartsack.
  • As for the Battle of Blenheim: apparently our Blenheim Clown Car, as true to history, decided to not stand their ground on a hill today, opting for a parking deck or somewhere else flat.
  • It was an honor to serve this morning. The PAX sharpened YHC well today. There’s no mistaking that.
  • Prayers for Floppy Disk and his back. Agoge was not kind on Monday.
  • King David should triumphantly return soon from his knee woes.
  • Krispy Kreme Challenge is Feb 14. See Epoxy and PigPen if interested. Pre-blast is on the website.
  • The first Saturday of October is the Currahee Challenge in Toccoa, Ga. Grab a few brothers or friends and run the race; 3 miles up, 3 miles down. It’s an experience that you won’t forget. That event, and the quest for a like minded group of men, is what drove YHC to F3. (following the suggestion from a non-F3 marathoner, who is also a refusenik to YHC’s EH)