It was cold and windy at the vortex, but that didn’t stop 7 pax from embarking on the first playlist of pain of 2015. A warmup to the Rudy Theme Song started things off including 3 sets of the following circuit: lap around the field, SSH, IW, High Knees, Butt Kickers, Mummy Kicks.

Once the group was “warm” the playlist of pain began: 1 minute of each exercise set to music (most in cadence, some OYO). After 5 exercises in a row, the group would sprint around the field. The exercises were:

1. Merkins, Squats, Mountain Climbers, Jumping Lunges, Burpees

2. Cherry Pickers, Ski Jumps, Explosion Merkins, Merkin Hops In and Out, Carolina Dry Docks

3. Wide-Grip Merkins, Merkin Hops Side to Side, Knee-Up Jumps, Slow Squats, Burpees

4. Diamond Merkins, 4 Corners, SSH with ground touches, 4 Jabs/ Cross and 4 Upper Cuts, Moving Merkins

Mary: LBC, Freddie Mercury, Mileys, Russian Hammer, Plankorama


Good times were had! Very thankful for finding F3 in 2014 and excited to watch in continue to grow in 2015. YHC will be out of town for two weeks so the Vortex will be taken over by Assisi and other volunteers. Don’t miss some great workouts at the Vortex!!!