Tuesday’s edition of True Grit was YHC’s last in a seemingly never-ending bout of Q responsibility, although one may pop up that I can’t remember. One night earlier in the fall, the stars aligned and all site Qs posted sign up requests on the Twitters at the same time. #fail. So, being the glutton for punish…err fun that I am, I popped the ol’ electronic #hancock on about 10 workouts. Two things I’ve learned. 1-It’s not easy to plan a bunch of DIFFERENT workouts. 2-It’s fun to Q even when things don’t go quite as planned, as happened this morning. 15 PAX got after this morning.

Windmill x 20
Imperial Walker x15
Good Morning Stretch x 15
Burpee x 20 OYO

Jog the path near the base of the dam and up to the path at the top. Indian Run to the floating dock for a set of wobbly 11s. Merkins/Sumo Squats.

Jog back up to the path to the boathouse for another set of 11s…err 7s. Split into 2 groups to alleviate a bottleneck. One group runs down the path and up the steep part to the top of the dam. Star jumps at one end, 180 squat jumps at the other(clockwise/counterclockwise=1). Why a 180 squat jump you may ask? Because it’s harder. The distance between the two was a little longer than YHC had expected and, time being of the essence at an F3 workout, I called an audible out after 7 rounds. On to other things.

Jog down through the parking lot to the base of the dam and grab a rock. Jog back up the path to the “soccer field” for a friendly game of rock toss. Pick a spot on the edge of the path, get on your knees, and toss your rock. Run to your rock, do 2 burpees. Toss your rock, do 4 burpees. Continue up to 10 burpees. Turn around and repeat down to 2 burpees back to the path.


Circle up for a quick Mary as we were short on time. Overhead rock flutter kick, 5 count around the horn.


Mud Run-Beer Boat Boys Duff/Zima are Q-ing. Start thinking about your teams and HC. Hell of a time.
Bike race in Sanford. Get with CMMick for info.
Lots of opportunities this spring for racing on asphalt, mud, and other surfaces.
Prayers for Cherie Berry’s sanity following the news of a ruffian on the payroll.
Prayers for Kokomo and his family following a home invasion.
Please forgive YHC for any that I’m forgetting.

Not to get all sappy, but I am continually humbled by the strength of my friends in F3. All of you show incredible strength in so many ways and open my eyes everyday to new ways of being. Thank you!