Think about it- all we did were little loops- questions remains- were they as challenging as the Sir nygle fazio III ACs?

We’ll ponder a bit more on that one.

Here’s the deal-

warm up jog down to the Big Ramp and back, 10x Good mornings, 10x windmills- and you’re ready.

Run up to the top deck, Merkins 20x, 15x, 10x, 5x, on the way to the other side of the deck, Run down one level pull ups- wait- scratch that, the whole bar ungrabable and frozen- 50x squats. Run back down stairs and underneath the deck back to the start point.

People’s chair 30sec/ LBCs 30x until all arrive.

We did one practice lap first, then we did a lap of reduced merkins 15x 10x 5x, 5x, then a lap with the same count of diamond merkins, a sprint lap (no exercises, just running), then after some mixed Mary, another lap of wide grip merkins followed by a final lap sprint lap after one last break.

Breaks: 15x reverse LBC, 15x In Outs, 15x box cutters, 30x side to side ankle taps, 20x flutter kicks, 20x LBCs not necessarily in that order.


COT: Start thinking about the Mud run (4/11). Sign up the the Heavy 3/13, but don’t unless you’ve done a challenge. Seriously.