YHC grabbed this Q date months ago thinking it would kick-off a great day of fitness, fellowship, faith, a little work (maybe), tailgating and then a show by one of the greatest rock bands of our generation. Well, things didn’t quite work out so plans to structure the exercises around Pearl Jam songs were scrapped in favor of an uptempo tour of North Hills.

At the appointed hour YHC assembled the 32 upstanding gentlemen and, with an FNG (Moped) present, a detailed disclaimer was provided. And then, we were off.

2 lines formed for an Indian Run across Lassiter, down Pimlico, right on Rowan, and across Six Forks to the BB&T parking lot.


  • SSHx25
  • Good morningx15
  • Windmillx15
  • Imperial Walkerx15
  • 10 Burpees OYO
  • Mountain Climbersx25
  • MackTarJiex10
  • Nipplerx20
  • Jack Webb – all the way up to10 merkin, air press

The Thang

Moseyed over to the First Citizens lot, where the Pax were instructed to partner up. Inspired by Site Q Emeritus Larry David’s return (Yada Yada Yada, big bank breakup), “we” performed partner wheelbarrow’s up the inclined parking lot and back, flapjacking as needed, but at every flapjack 5 Diamond Merkins were performed. (We was in quotes as YHC partnered up with a Pax on the mend and lungewalk was the replacement exercise…yes, I did feel guilty).

We then ran over to the new BofA Tower parking deck, where the Pax ascended the stairs 4 times, single steps only.

Once this was completed, we partnered up again, and performed:

  • High-five merkins x20
  • Burpee Pyrmaid up to 5 – each partner climbs the pyramid up to 5 and then back down to 1; the partner not performing Burpees banged-out Prisoner Squats.

Time getting a little tight YHC scrapped a trip over to the CapTrust Tower and instead headed for home. Once in front of JC Penney we grabbed some wall and did People’s Chair with a 5 count from every Pax, right to left down the wall. Once completed we did BTTW for a Q count of 20

After a very brief mosey back to the starting point it was time for Mary:

  • 30x LBC, long hold after each multiple of 10
  • 20x Homer to Marge
  • 20x American Hammer

Announcements: YHC put a plug in to keep working on potential FNG’s to expand this great movement…and also that there are some Q openings at UJ.

Countrywide plugged the Arena on Friday’s at 2:30 and the need for Q’s there, as well as the upcoming dinner at Healing Transition.

Prayers were offered up to the family of the gentleman who passed this past weekend in Arapahoe, as well as to the family of Tim “Skully” Quinlan.

Elmer Fudd answered the call and took us out.