With 30 PAX eager to get started and no FNGs present, the disclaimer was given, “You know the drill!” and we were off.  This being my second Q, I wasn’t as nervous as the first time although this was a big group to entertain.  I walked the parking deck Monday evening to come up with a plan to hopefully challenge the PAX.  Mission completed, at least IMO.

Following is my TPS Report.

Jog down steps next to JCPenney, through parking deck, circle up by Target.
Warm up: Exercises IC:
SSH x 30
Windmill x 10
Imperial walker x 10
Sir Fazio arm circles x10, reverse x10
Mountain climber x 20

Jog around Target, cross Six Forks to parking deck near World of Beer.
Add an exercise at each level working up to seven exercises on P6/P7 and jog to next level.
Ground level – 10 burpees OYO
P2 – 10 star jumps OYO
P3 – 20 merkins on my down
P4 – 10 prisoner squats IC
P5 – 20 American hammers IC
Bear crawl up next ramp, finish with lunge walk
P6 – 20 LBC IC
P7 – Bear crawl to steps
There was grunting and a bit of mumblechatter during the second set of hammers on P6.

Jog down stairs, plank at bottom, jog to grass behind Chuy’s.
Partner up, weight matters!
Partner carry up hill, jog back, flapjack
Partner human wheelbarrow, jog back, flapjack
Plank, Right/Left arm/leg, Low plank hold
Step-ups around stage IC x10

Jog back across Six Forks, around Target, bear crawl up steps by Target, jog through parking deck, back to parking area precisely at 6:30.

Nameorama, Announcements, Prayers – Apologies for any I may have missed.
The Arena this Friday 14:20, 14:30 start
2nd F Thursday @noon Q-Shack
5 Points 5K on 5/16
Prayers for healing of family members.

YHC thinks it’s appropriate to title the workout something spoken by one of the PAX.  The smells of breakfast [bacon] under the Renaissance or over by Another Broken Egg Cafe can be quite tantalizing at 6am when you are thinking of how hungry you will be by 7am… quite different than the smell in the COT as our morning temps and humidity creep higher this time of year.

I enjoyed leading this strong group of men on a nice May morning.  I feel so great after an F3 workout that the rest of my day always goes better on days I’m able to post at a 1st F.  A year ago if you told me I would be leading 30 guys in a workout, I would have laughed my AO.