Nine PAX joined up on a beautiful morning in Bond Park to explore some new areas and receive a Saban beatdown. Started with a quick run to the Community Center parking lot for warm up (Side Straddle Hops, Good Mornings, Imperial Walkers, Fazio Arm Circles, Mountain Climbers). A jog down to the big field where Saban provided a brief expert lecture on the history and inefficiency of the Burpee as a fitness activity. We then proceeded to enjoy three rounds of deconstructed Burpees (10X Squats, Leg Thrusts, Merkins).

We made our first trip to the Sertoma Amphitheatre. Split into two groups. Group 1 did 10 box jumps from the ground onto the stage.  Group 2 did AMRAP alternating L/R step ups until Group 1 finished. Switch/Repeat 2X.

From the stage we moseyed to the back of the amphitheatre and then climbed the hill to the Kiwanis Picnic Shelter via the woods trail by Bear Crawl and Crab Walk. At the picnic shelter, did three rounds of 10: Dip, Sit to Stand, Derkin, Single leg lunge (L/R), and Inclined Merkin.

Indian run back to the community center – Last man does 5 Merkins (1st time)/5 LBCs (2nd time) before overtaking the line. At community center, pick up rocks for one round of rock squats, rock pull ups, rock curls, rock overhead presses. Run back to the senior center for a quick Mary (Freddy Mercury, Weezy Jefferson, Reverse LBC, Crunchy Frog). Despite the tag, we were shaken; not shakin.

Prayers for Callahan for tomorrow’s job interview and for the family of the 9-year-old Cary boy killed by a motorist on his bike yesterday.