As a Q, I always feel an obligation to make it worth the early morning wakeup call for the group.  For example, if they’re gonna get up early on a Saturday for Whiplash, I want the PAX to walk away feeling like the time was used to its fullest and that they got more out of it than they expected.  And I usually take it as a challenge to replace the mumble chatter with gasps for air.  That plus a prod to “make it hard” had me feeling especially motivated.  So we worked…

Run to grass circle. 20 SSH, 20 Good Morning, 20 Windmill, 20 Mountain Climbers.

Run to fork in road.  10 Burpees.

Run to bottom of hill.  Send my sherpa son, Forest, to set 4 cones up the hill to the bridge while Pax squat holds.  Sprint to 4 cones and drop for 20 Mericans at each.  Arm burn.

At bridge, split into two groups.  3 sets of sprints there and back across bridge while other group is doing jump lunges, prisoner squats, monkey humpers.  Leg burn.

Various plank exercises, then run down hill stopping again at 4 cones for 20 Mericans each.  Squat hold at bridge for downhill ski and ski jump stances.  Arm and leg burn.

Two groups Indian run race up hill to fork in path.  10 burpees.  Chest burn.

Run downhill to rocks and do two sets of curls and overhead presses with rocks.  Bicep/shoulder burn.

Run back to parking lot stopping three times for Mary (LBC, long slow flutter, protractor, etc).  Finish at parking lot for some last minute Mary.  Six pack burn.

COT, Announcements, and story from Q reminding us to walk towards that which we want to walk away from in our relationships, and to just “show up” for others.

Pray it out.  Really strong work by the PAX.  Proud for the opportunity given to me to lead this group.