14 Pax went strong and crushed a punishing set…as usual, running was involved.  Threw a bit of everything into the workout with bodyweight exercises, rocks, and running.  All in good fun.  Hope you had some!

No FNGs so brief disclaimer provided.  Warm up run with PAX  down the Greenway and turn right onto the blue loop @ old train station depot. Turn left @ water fountain to stay on the blue loop heading back towards NCMA and COP for Warm-up.

20X SSH, 20X IWs, 15X MCs, 15X Merkins

Quick instruction and commence the race.

The Thang:

@ Top of Hill @ water fountain 10X Burpees

@ Bottom of Hill before the CORNCOB, grab a rock (on your left or right)

15X Squat Press

15X Bent Rows

15X Diamond Rock Merkins

Drop your rock and run to the DOJO.

15X Derkins

15X Box Jumps

15X Dips

Exit the Dojo to right and turn right on path, wrapping around past the Kite, and left back down the hill past the CORNCOB and up to water fountain to where you started.

Repeato with 10X Burpees, back down hill and so on and so forth for entire circuit.


20X H2H, 30X Hammers, 10X Boot’ Canoe, 30 sec. 6″ hold

Dingo led us out strong with a reminder of Christ’s sacrifice to be remembered this week/weekend.

Naked Moleskin:

Pax crushed ~4 circuits all with a strong push up Ring of Fire/Big Man Derriere Hill -pretty work.

Welcome FNG to The Judge, Midol, who asked YHC before the workout if there was a lot of running…um, yes.  Hope you keep coming back!

Au Pair decided to cut out towards the parking lot earlier than YHC’s call to do so, but did knock out 173 LBCs before the Pax arrived.


Flag football 9a on 18/Apr @ Athens Drive HS.  Sign up here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HMt04dD7IxbaRii5s7Y7MA69wHsxaMm1hYObyuOocJA/edit?pli=1#gid=0, or get with MacGruber and/or Zima

BRR Info Night 07/Apr @ 7:30 @ Yard House -North Hills.  Info here:  http://f3nation.com/2015/04/01/brr-info-night-47/


Friar Tuck minor surgery today -speedy recover, brother!

T&G out.