The day started earlier in the week when Riptide and this site Q realized that no one had signed up for the Q. I stepped forward since Rip just Q’d BO two weeks ago. With a Q in place for Juggernaut on Friday, YHC stole some mojo from nephew #F3Splash in NOLA

YHC was eager to start the day. A longtime friend [Pre Raleigh] showed some interest in F3 so YHC agreed to pick him up at his house. There seemed to be some confusion and there was no answer on phone, text, email, or door on arrival. It was time for YHC to depart despite not having FNG in tow. In route FNG called and thought the workout was in PM and not AM. NOT! He wanted to come and was given modified directions on where to meet. He showed!


WARMUP: Jog 20 yards for Spider Monkeys on the Church parking lot curbs – 8 in total, plank when done

Jog 4/10 mile to Parking deck with 3 stops on the way for stretches: There seemed to be some confusion with the PAX in thinking YHC was missing something with cadence and F3 protocol. They were mistaken as the Q is ALWAYS right. Some penalties were delivered for insubordination.

  •      #1 Sir Fazio turn right and reach high right 30ct forward and turn left and reach high left 30ct forward
  •      #2 Good Morning 30 ct
  •      #3 Windmill 25c

At the parking deck, the PAXsplit into two platoons for some stairwell running.

  •    Round 1: Platoon 1 run up & down twice while Platoon – 2 AMRAP’s 10 merkins, 10 diamond, 10 merkins, 10 diamond, etc. Continue till all PAXcomplete….. then Flapjack
  •    Round 2: Platoon 1 run stairs once while Platoon 2 – 10 starjumps, 10 knee tuck jumps, low squat hold till all complete…. flapjack
  •    Round 3: Platoon 1 run stairs once while Platoon 2 – 10 dry docks, 10 wide grip, repeat AMRAP…. flapjack
  •    Round 4: Platoon 1 run stairs once while Platoon 2 – 10 jump squats, 10 Chuck Norris’, low squat hold till all complete…. flapjack
  •    Repeat rounds 1 – 3 for 7 total rounds

Return to church with 2 stops on the way:

  •    #1– Plank Hold 120ct and LBC 30ct
  •    #2– LBT 30ct

At Church circle up for 30ct Crotchsweats.

These men fought hard and never stopped moving. #NoStops #NoRest #NO10SecondCounts . We climbed 36 flights of stairs, ran nearly a mile, and on average completed 60 merkins – 60 diamond – 60 dry docks – 60 wide grip – 20 starjumps – 20 tuck jumps.


ANNOUNCEMENTS: F3 Dads coming up April 25 at 9:15 AM at Fletcher Park, Forgot to mention F3 Flag Football Saturday April 18 at noon, BRR meeting Tuesday April 7 at Yard House in North Hills,

PRAYER CONCERNS: Grease Monkey’s wife Mary is doing much better, LOOM’s friend Ethan at UNC Hospital

NAME A RAMA: Wonk pretended to have some urgent need to leave and hijacked the name-a-rama. YHC slowed things down and had FNG provide more information. Wonk ended by hanging with Grease post POST for some long deliberation, probably about the dominance of UK Basketball.

PERSONAL: What is it about F3 that compels you to return each day / week. Lots of great discussion: Comradery, good natured banter, only time that fits schedule, the “occasional” workout [Surcharge], not knowing what comes next, hanging out with real men

Wonk took us out in prayer.

Thank you men and F3 for the privilege and honor to lead, follow, and serve