With a misty rain on a cool Saturday morning, 10 PAX started out another glorious weekend at The Crick.  Here was the thang.

Short mosey to the warm up – Good Mornings – 15x, Hill Billy – 15x, Side Straddle Hops – 15x, Mountain Climbers – 15x, HOLD, Plank Jacks – 15x, HOLD, Merkins – 15x

7s across length of soccer field with Burpees at each end

Mosey to the wall – People’s Chair 10 count per Pax, Balls to the Wall 10 count per Pax

Round the rails

R/L Step Up – 15x, Dips – 25x, L/R Step Up – 15x, Erkins – 25x

Pair Up – 1 PAX exercise, 1 PAX run – 50 knee slaps, 100 Merkins, 150 Squats

Working the hill – Bear Crawl Up, 10x Star Jumps w Sumo Squat, Bear Crawl Down, Plank HOLD, REPEAT

Mosey round to the rock pile – Curls for the girls 15x, Overhead Press 15x, Bent over rows 15x, Tricep Extension 15x, REPEAT

Mosey to shelter for Mary – Dealers choice x10 for 10x each.  Most fun were the Mike Tyson’s and partner leg throws.

Everyone left sweating (I think so, but maybe it was the rain drops?) and smiling.  Another great day with men of the F3 Nation at The Crick.