F3 is a beautiful thing, and the recipe of fitness, fellowship, and faith is a potent one.  It’s also a good tonic for midlife crises, for which YHC was grateful after celebrating his 40th…  There was a solid crowd of 10 PAX, including regulars and special guest stars, at the Vortex on this beautiful morning, one which included tribute rounds to two recent Vortex Qs, Brick and Draper.

Same old warm up at the Vortex–a lap around the fields and then 15x (cadence-count) SSHs, imperial walkers, windmills, merkins, and mountain climbers.  We then headed to the playground for a circuit (2x) of pull-ups (20), rows (20), merkins (20), Carolina drydocks (20), and dips (20).  Arms nicely fatigued, we moseyed back to the field for the tributes.

In the Draper tribute, we did some of his/all of our least favorite things: traveling lunges across the field, ten jump squats (they would have been frog jumps if we were really faithful to the Draper torture list), then traveling double-merkin burpees back.  Planked it out at the end.

In the Brick tribute, we revisited his nonstop Usain Bolt-o-Rama, but with two PAX running at the same time so that we could have a shorter interval between sprints.  We did fifteen rounds (each person sprinted 3x).

Just for fun, we squeezed in a short wheelbarrow race and a nice long sprint before nine minutes of Mary–just long enough to make it all the way around the circle.  Dunphy (100-count ‘bows and toes) and Bushwood (25 cadence-count fast flutters) competed for most debilitating exercises.

Welcome to FNG Clay Pigeon, who thinks we are all crazy but did not vomit or pass out.  Hope to see him back at the Vortex!  Don’t hesitate to sign up to take a Q…