A PAX of 12 came out to enjoy the sun at the Crick.


Warm up: SSH, Good Morning, Imperial Walker, Windmill, Knees-to-Elbows, Downward dog

Mount Metabolism: Up and down the other side, 10 SSH at the bottom, then return and Plank it out.  Repeat 3 more times but replace exercise on the far side with: Star Jumps, Reverse LBCs, WWIIs

Step Work:

  • Foot elevated lunge x10 (each leg)
  • Derkins x10
  • Jump Ups x10
  • Repeat the tri-set 2 more times

Navigate around the school bus drop-off circle but the only movement options permitted by the Q are: crab walk, bear crawl, or side plank-walk

Recover on the run to the rock pile and find a rock that matches the size of your ego

Rock supported exercises:

  • 10 reps of low row, ab extension (lie down on back, move the rock from above the chest to over head and nearly touch the ground), overhead press.
  • Then drop the rock, run to far side of parking lot for 10 air squats and 10 merkins.
  • Repeat series as many times as possible in 10 mins.

Indian run from parking to the open fields, and around the fields, finishing at the pavilion

Last set of exercises:

  • Derkin Dock (Feet Elevated Carolina Dry Dock)
  • Dip
  • Skydive or Superman
  • Homer to Marge

One FNG – Ether – introduced to F3 and into the PAX.  Ether has Tiger Beat (who apparently was a team heart throb many, many, many years ago) to thank for bring him out to the gloom.

Prayer requests were shared.  Kanye sent the PAX out.