METAMORPHOSIS is the name of our newest Raleigh site.     There is not a better name to give the Moore Square Wednesday F3 site for Raleigh Rescue Mission men….and we are grateful and Blessed to be given an opportunity to be part of these men’s lives during their time at RRM.  Four PAX arrived and were greeted by an old timer…Fenway.  Joining Fenway was a FNG….Bernie Williams, later to be named Cujo.  Here we go!

Run around the Block…is a dang BIG Block!  Run first 1/4…Backward run second 1/4…Run third 1/4…Karyoke last 1/4

Circle up for Warm-up Stretching:

  • Good morning x 15
  • Fazio Arm Circles x 10…repeat with other arm
  • Windmills x 10
  • Imperial Walkers x 10

Main Workout

  • Start at the lightpole at the corner of one block and bear crawl to the front of the “flower pot”
  • Jump Ups x 15
  • Derkins x 15  Fenway leads the cadence count
  • Step ups x 15
  • Dips x 15  Cujo leads the cadence count
  • Find a partner and partner carry him to the next corner….about a 75 yard jaunt.
  • Repeato….note Cujo (55 year old gentleman, partner carried this 215 lb YHC with no problem)…him weighing 20 lbs less than Mr. FatAss Orwell here.

Plan was to do all four corners…but after 2 we had 10 minutes left so we run to a grassy area for COT.


  • LBC’s x 25
  • Russhun Hammers x 25 (hey, I know I spelled Russian wrong but who cares…..they are the russhuns)
  • Long Slow Flutters x 15
  • Sarkosy x 10
  • Putin x 10
  • 6 inch leg holds around the circle at a 7 count

Namorama.   Bernard…St. Bernard…Cujo.   Note CK wanted Beethoven, but Cujo a much better St. Bernard movie character.

Devotion as listed below and CK led us out with a humble and MIGHTY Prayer!

Os Hillman/TGIF (Today God I Follow) Devotion I read to the PAX

…”Everything is against me!” – Genesis 42:36

Eventually, Benjamin along with Jacob’s other sons learned that their brother Joseph was second in command in Egypt. Joseph revealed his identity, and Jacob was reunited with his son whom he had not seen for more than 13 years. He had thought Joseph to be dead.

So often we believe our dreams are dead. There seems to be nothing left in our world to live for. Everything appears to be against us. During these times, God is doing His deepest behind-the-scenes work. During these times, God is performing a deeper work in each of us — a work that cannot be seen.

When clients began leaving my ad agency and it dried up for no apparent reason, it appeared “everything was against me.” I could not see that God was orchestrating a whole new calling on my life. At the moment, it seemed like the worst thing in the world. It seemed that I had been a failure. But God said, “No.” All the years before had been preparation for what God’s ultimate calling would be. One of God’s methods for directing His children’s steps is through drying up resources: a job loss, a career change, or a disaster. In these times we are willing to listen more intently, and to seek God in ways we would not normally do. C.S. Lewis once wrote, “God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our conscience, but shouts in our pains; it is His megaphone to rouse a deaf world.”