With Hooch a late scratch due to a death in the family of one of his co-workers, YHC stepped in to Q Tuesday’s Forge.  No FNGs, disclaimer given, and we were off.  Could be a record for least amount of the park used during a Forge workout as we’d hardly leave the parking lot.

Warm-up:  SSH x 15; GM x 10; Std Merkins x 20 (I believe)

Jog to bottom of parking lot for a routine I picked up from Brown Shorts from Greenville during our workouts in Hilton Head in August.  I believe he called it Dora 1,2,3s.  Goes like this: Series of 100, 200, and 300 exercises done in 4 increments of 25 for the 100, 4 increments of 50 for the 200, and 4 increments of 75 for the 300 with running in between reps.  Could be done by partners rotating running / rep to add up to the total, but we’d do them all together.  Starting at the bottom of the parking lot, do 25 prisoner squats then run to the top of the parking lot and back down (which turned out to be a much longer / steeper run than when we did it in flat Hilton Head).  Once back to the bottom, 25 more squats, run back up and down, etc….til 100 were performed.  YHC would call out periodically to do 10 merkins at the top or bottom depending on my mood.

The 200 was mountain climbers.  50 at bottom, run to top of lot and back for 50 more, etc. until we got to 200.  Again, merkins periodically along the way as I’m motivated to humiliate Myrtle in this #merkinoff2014.

The 300 was LBCs.  75 at bottom, run to top….you know the rest to 300.  More merkins

As pax completed ups and downs at varying paces, group planked at bottom between each up / down so we could do sets together.  Based on the numbers and distances, this took up a big chunk of the workout.

After Doras were completed, jog to playground for series of swing pull-ups x 15 – 20 (don’t recall) and then 15 swing derkins.  Repeat 2x.  On a side note, this workout was somewhat a tribute to Countrywide b/c it had a make it up as you go feel.  Even with that feel, i believe it was effective in inflicting ample punishment.  With a couple minutes left, jog to the oval “track” in the playground area.  Run laps and do 5 merkins each time you get to the start/finish.  Ended up running several laps to kill the remaining minutes.

Jog to large grass area for a little bit of Mary led by pax called upon: Elmer, Fazio, and maybe Orwell?

COT: Mule Oct 25 – signup on the website so we can get rough count.  Mud Run Oct 4 – you can still sign up on website.  Mister Rogers took us out.

Solid work by the 9.  Lourdes of Discipline and new workout in FV have cut into our numbers, but we will remain strong and grow it back.  You can’t hold the men of the Forge down.