Ten PAX (I’m counting Tecumseh because even though he was late he finished the part of the workout he missed) showed up in the dense fog for Cinderella’s version of True Grit.

What happened Apr 30 13 –

’x’ indicates cadence

Jog to Dam above parking lot

COP Warm Up – Side Shuffle Hop 25x -> Imperial Walkers 25x -> Pistol Squats 20x

Jog to Pull up bars near Dam –Stations: (Partner up: Rotate @ station 1 complete)

S1- 3 muscle ups + 6 archers or 12 pull-ups (variable grip) or 30 sec dead arm hang

S2- Hindu Merkins 10, Peter Parker Merkins 10

S3- 5 sec L hang/ 10 mo’ pull ups

S4- Dragon walk 10 yards (one partner rests while the other walks)

S5- Burpees to exhaustion

Upon 1 complete rotation: Jog to Dock

Dock Pyramid

  • Single Leg Squat (R) 25x
  • Single Leg Squat (L) 25x
  • Decline Merkin 25x
  • Incline Merkin 25x
  • Single Leg Squat (R) 15x
  • Single Leg Squat (L) 15x
  • Decline Merkin 15x
  • Incline Merkin 15x
  • Single Leg Squat (R) 10x
  • Single Leg Squat (L) 10x
  • Decline Merkin 10x
  • Incline Merkin 10x
  • Single Leg Squat (R) 5x
  • Single Leg Squat (L) 5x
  • Decline Merkin 5x
  • Incline Merkin 5x

Jog to Parallel Bars and split into 2 groups:

Dips/Squats 15x then flapjack, 15x; Dips/Knee Up Jumps 15x then flapjack 15x

Jog to Grassy knoll


  • LBC 30x
  • Reverse LBC 30x
  • V up and hold – 5 count around the horn

Verses for the day came from 1 John 2:4-6 (echoed in Romans 2:1-11)