5 PAX came out into the mist and gloom at 4:50am this morning on top of a pitch black parking deck to get their day started right…

Warm-up (did not include stretching – apparently there are studies out there that say stretching leads to decreased number of reps…)
SSH x20, IWx15, arm circles, merkins x10

8 flights of stairs with 5 merkins at each landing

Active mosey (walking lunges and duck walks) to a distant wall for 60sec people’s chair
Active mosey (reverse walking lunges) to insane spiral ramp of death (no pedestrians@!!!!)

Sprint up 2 rotations, 5 burpees
Defensive slide up 2 rotations, something else

Overhead cone throws (like on the strong man competitions… only we used traffic cones instead of kegs of beer… 5 throws up the wall without going overĀ (10 burpee penalty plus long sprint if you go over… Doogie definitely screwed everyone on that one)
Overhead 3cone toss x5
Backwards run up spiral of death
Active mosey back to start
3 sets of 10 dips/5 tuck jumps

Mary: 50 LBCs
6″leg raise, rosalita, 6″LR, hello dolly, 6″LR – 5 burpee penalty for legs touching ground
only 5 burpee penalty assessed to group


– we seem to be quoted a lot of studies on the negative effects of F3 workouts (stretching, duck walks, etc..) – I’m still looking to read at least 1 of them legitimately
– so the overhead toss idea sounded better in my mind… at least most of us (*cough*seinfeld*cough*) figured it out in time
– I still would not encourage using the materials found on the spiral of death (kindling, smiley face wooden spoon, decaying squirrel)

– next week’s workout will be the “Mystery Nissan Memorial Burpee-fest”