The fires of the Forge were lit bringing the heat.  Five endured the anvil and came away beaten and bent.


Warm up: SSH x 20, Windmills x 20, Fazio Arm Circles x 8 each way, and Good Mornings x 10

Run to the fountainless pool for Plank-o-rama.  High Plank x 12, Chillcut x 12, Walking Plank x 5 each way, Putin x 10, Sarkozy x 10.

Mosey on down to the Island with High Knees and Butt Kickers for Push-o-rama. Wide Arm x 5, Merkin x 8, Diamond x 3, Merkin x 8, Wide x 5 and Squats x 20,  Carry on with Diamonds x 3 Regulars x 8 and Wide Arm x 5 and Squats x 20

Boogie back to the pavilion near the carousel.  Dips x 12 and squat hold while we take turns looking at all sides of the carousel. Repeato.  And another time with Dips x 12 and 4 Jumping Lunges.

Shake-n-Bake to the Tennis Courts for two rounds of He Sees Me suicides.

Find our way to some parking lot lines for line jumps side to side and forward and back 15 each way.

Meander over to the upper pool lot for a circle of Bear/Crab/Gorilla.

Ease on down to the padded playground for some comfortable Mary. V-ups x 10, LBCs x 15, Freddy Mercury x 12 and Rosa-Dollys x 12

We closed it out with a quick COT


Great effort made by one and all.  The small rocks and things in the parking lot during Bear/Crab/Gorilla caused some scrapes, slices, and puncture wounds.  No tourniquets needed to be applied and bio-hazards were limited so we carried on.  An invitation was extended to the PAX if there was in interested in leading part or all of the downPAINment, no takers yet.  We are turning up the heat a little bit.  But the Forge purposefully remains an FNG friendly workout.  Put on the EHs and get those “sad clowns” out there in the gloom.