9 men came out on a beautiful morning to get a hump day workout. The 2ndF was strong and while I hate to break it up we had work to do. After some initial discussion about who was supposed to Q we circled up quickly and got busy.

Warm Up
10 Good Mornings
10 Body Weight Squats
10 Arm Circles each way

The Thang
Time to leave the friendly confines of Culbreth and go meet the neighbors. Run into SV and down to the bottom of Hillspring. Stop at the bottom and get ready to ascend Highgrove. We got to the top doing bear crawls in cadence by counting to one and stopping to do one merkin, counting to two and two merkins until we got to 10. Halfway up the hill we switched to cadence count walking lunges and body weight squats. Once at the top run down to Culbreth Road stopping on the way in front of French Lick’s house to knock out 10 curb irkins.

The Cougar has been an AO for four months and I have waited for someone to use the split rail fence on the street but no one has so it was time to put it to use. Feet up on the lowest rail and knock out 20 derkins and recover with 10 SSH. Feet up on the middle rail knock out 15 derkins and recover with 10 SSH. Feet up on the top rail (yes some of us shorties were nearly vertical) knock out 10 derkins and recover with 10 SSH. Finish up with 15 derkins on the middle/10 SSH and 20 derkins on the low with 10 SSH.

Head on over the the middle school entrance and hit 7 burpees at the bottom of the hill, run backwards up to the top and hit a squat. Run down the hill and do 6 burpees and backwards up the hill to get 2 squats. The plan was to get them all in but as a result of poor time management (mostly due to YHC underestimating just how hard running backwards up the hill would be) we had to quit a couple short of our goal although Spooky may have actually completed the whole thing.

Run back to the lot for Mary.

10 count ring of fire with some merkins thrown in at the end.

Prayers for inclusion

Four idiots knocked out a bunch of pullups.