VSF planted in high gloom conditions for the PAX of 11 at Jaycee Park, all we were missing was some nice wind. #itcanalwaysbeworse The air was full of holiday cheer despite the absence of our resident Rudolph. Yes there’s a shelter on the property, no it was not needed for today’s workout. F3 Core Principle #3 :Are held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold


The Thang:

Run to back parking lot: SSH x 15, Mountain Climbers x 15, Imperial Walkers x 15, Merkins x 15

Run back to entrance parking lot: Wide Grip Merkins x 10, Diamond Merkins x 10, Right Arm Stagger x 10, Left Arm Stagger x 10, CDD x 15, Merkins x 20

Run to back parking lot: Plank Jacks x 20, Chilcutt x 20, Peter Chilcutt x 20, High Plank Hold x 20, Low Plank Hold x 20….move over to tennis courts

Run the M pattern through both courts 4 times….line up

Modified Suicides: Across both courts Bear Crawl forward, Crab Walk backwards (lots of refusniks here within the PAX)

People’s Chair x 20, Balls to the Wall x 25…..move over to parking lot and partner up

Partner 1 runs full length of back lot while Partner 2 performs AMRAP. Exercises were Merkins, Star Jumps, LBCs, Flutters & Burpees (distance was farther than it looked)

Indian Run back to entrance lot……Hand Release Merkins x 27 #PAXpleaser & that is all

COT with prayer lead by Countrywide

Naked Moleskin:

 -See you at the party tonight, Tyler’s Taproom 7pm….no need to RSVP anymore just show up. Expecting a nice crowd. T-claps to Costco & Slash. Fill out your nametag, we’ll need it.

-The Blenheim Clown Car (downsized from Escalade to Camry due to 5:15am de-commits) was treated to a Cajun Christmas recited by Tony Robbins on the way to Jaycee. It was quite a treat to hear a boy from Lillington mash up his Southern drawl with creole. #sacre

-Dec 26th : Late Night & Wolf Run are on at 6am, Lame Duck at 5:45 (No Juggernaut or Flood Zone)

– Jan 1st : Convergence at 7am, Fletcher Park. No other workouts that day. Denali is your Q #Avetthangoverhelper

-Jan 2nd: Flood Zone & Juggernaut are on at 6am, Lame Duck at 5:45 (No Late Night or Wolf Run)

2014 #starfiish Recognition: Money Hose for Brier Creek, Floppy Disk for Wake Forest, Mr Hand for Garner, Howard & New Mexico for South Wake, Denali & Grease Monkey for Apex, Wonk for Cary, Dice for the IR lineup & Adolphus for Churham. I know many others played big roles, these guys were at the tip of the spear. Wake County alone has over 30 workout options every week, half are new in the past 12 months. T-claps.