8 PAX braved the elements for a true Monday morning suck fest…(insert your inappropriate comments here – i.e. would have sucked more with Costco; Utah is also known as Mr. Suck; nobody sucks more than (or better than) Chong Lee, etc). There will be no man crush jock sniffing comments in this backblast – Maize covered that for us this morning via Twitter….embarrassing…

Truth be told, I very much wanted to pull a Ron Burgundy this morning – i.e. no show – oh I forgot I was supposed to Q – but then I couldn’t harass him about that for the next year… Truth be told for the second time – I was very much humbled today chasing Mayhem around North Hills at his 50 young years…..respect!

That Thang:

Warm-up: SSH X 20; Good morning X 10; Imperial walker X 20. Warm-up over…too freaking cold..we need to move..

4 Corners – Davidson to Hyde – merkins X 20; Hyde to Tyrrell – burpees X 20; Tyrrell to Currituck – squat jump X 20; Currituck to Davidson – ski abs X 20; plank until PAX is done. Repeat 3 times

Jog to parking lot – bear crawl to the first speed bump; jog to top of drive and go right to the pavilion.

Pavilion – jump-up X 20; dips X 40; irkins X 40; jump-up X 20; dips X 30; irkins X 30; jump-up X 20; derkin X 20. Pick your table top – LBC X 50; rosalita X 40; leg raise off side of table X 30. Derkin X 20.

COT- Xmas party today (duh…); look at website for schedule changes over next 2 weeks; PAX discussing book of John today at noon – Panera off Six Forks by Strickland. Prayers for Cotton’s cousin and healthy families over the holidays. RB took us out.

Great work this morning. Thank you for the opportunity to lead you men…