Friday is the mostest muy bueno day of the week, with the weekend right around the corner. 26 pax decided they’d start it off right and posted to Flizzle Zizzle. PC, SC, K, & D made it for EC.

EC – stair-laden squat thrust ladder. Run up stairs to top of deck, 5 squat thrusts. Run down, 10 STs. Up, 15 STs. Down, 20 STs. Repeat back down the ladder until time called.

Mosey to the waiting pax, search for Costco. Talk shit to Epoxy. Mosey and circle up for COE(circle of easy).

King David Kicks x 10
Good Morning x 10

Watch as Countrywide comes in hot for 1 rep of GM. 🙄

Mosey down the greenway and up Homewood Banks Rd, stopping along the way for squat sets. At top of hill, mosey down Blue Blue Ridge to Marq Apartments entrance. Partner up.

Partner 1-repeat sets of 10 merkins, 20 Squats, 30 nipplers.

Partner 2-run up skank hill, across parking lot, down stairs, up HB Rd, down Blue Ridge. .5 mi loop. Repeat twice.

Mosey back up Blue Ridge. Bear crawl down Homewood Banks Rd to the mall parking lot. Plankorama for the 6. Mosey back to circle up for Mary/COT.



The loop circuit was kind of a mind f#*k. Run up a skank hill, run the flat, go down stairs only to have to run up another hill. Reminded me of a mini BRR leg. Plenty of complaining, which I take as a compliment. Strong work by everyone, including the Clydesdales & slower guys like myself. Solid work at coffeeteria by Fudd as he showed us a little too much chest hair and praised some show about Alaska on Bravo. As always, fun was had by all. Can’t beat breaking a little sweat and laughing with your buddies.

D out.