Twas a maiden Q for our sugary and colorful Fruity Pebbles, 7 veterans, two new FNGs and one FNG who wasn’t quite sure if he was still an FNG after his third workout :).  Brexit and Goldilocks – Welcome to F3.  And welcome back to Blue Lagoon.  And yes, Goldilocks is connected to Blue Lagoon.  Think about the movie.  Brexit – Yeah, that’s easy, his accent is a dead give away…. Here is Tha Thang.

Good Mornings 15x, Cervazio Arm Circle (15x, Hold, 15x Reverse), Seal Claps 20x, Mountain Climbers 15x, Merkins 20x

Indian Run to the Tennis Courts – Wall Sit (10 count per Pax), Balls to the Wall (10 count per Pax)

Celebrate NCAA Basketball Championship with wind sprints

Triple Wind Sprint, 10 Burpees, Triple Wind Sprint, 20 Merkins, Triple Wind Sprint with 5 burpees at each stop.

Mosey to Circle for partner work – 100 Dips, 150 Sumo Squats, 200 LBC

Attack the Hill in 7s – Burpee at bottom, run half of hill, bear crawl to top, Star Jump at Top – Repeat till 7s complete

Rock Work – Curls 15x, Overhead Press 15x, Bent over rows 15x, Triceps 15x – Move one to the left in between and repeat 3x.

Abs – Box Cutters 15x, Break Dancers 15x, American Hammer 15x

Thank you to the Pax for their support of Fruity Pebbles first Q!