This is my backblast, preblast was on twitter and I appreciate #TheJudge powers that be accepting that. Welcome to another edition of The Myrtle Winter Hurtle.  What’s the Myrtle Winter Hurtle you ask? Well as I tried to explain once again over the mumblechatter it is an 28 week training course, designed by YHC to get your AAS in shape. Arms (the cure to skinny arms disease), Abs (for that tanned beach bod 6pack feel), Stamina (as to not be out of breath during 4min of any vigorous activity).  Follow the Myrtle Q to a Workout Site near you, once per week for the next 32 weeks.

The Thang:

Partner up. (8 of us so that made it easy math).  The plan is to run clockwise around the west building, and stop in 4 locations.  At each stop there were 2 exercises. 1st was a 20 count AB exercise, and the 2nd was a 15 count ARM exercise. (1) Reverse Freddie Mercury’s & Hand Shake Merkins (2) Cannonballs & Diamond Merkins (3) Alternating Oblique Crunch & Hand release Merkins (4) WWII Sit-ups & Scissor Merkins. Repeato 3 times. The Stamina was in between!

Run down the long hill to the maintenance shed. Grab a paver. 20x Shoulder presses, 20x triceps extensions, 20x curls, 20x LBC w/ Paver, 20x Bench press. Run back up the looooong hill, back to parking lot.

Circle Up. 20x Hammers, 20x Boat/Canoe, 20x Ukrainian Hammers (self-titled) which is a Hammer 4 count with alternating Boat/Canoes. ABS.

Run around parking lot some more. Not killing time, the 20x dips, and 20x petal to the metals we all part of the master plan!

COT – come to Pullen Saturday

Expoy is a B, TARP likes palates