Ahhh….What a beautiful morning for a workout.  With the temperature hovering in the mid 60’s for the first time in too long, the 15 Pax were looking a little thinner than usual.  Must have been the fact that we weren’t bundled up with several layers.  That being the case, YHC decided to keep the Pax rolling.  The Pax wanted to soak in as much of this warm weather as possible before the dreaded “wintry mix” comes back to town this evening.  So, let’s do a little Tour de Cary.

The Thang:

We started promptly at 0545 and headed to the bank for our warm-up.

  • Side Straddle hop x 20
  • Imperial Walkers x 20
  • Good Mornings x 20
  • Sir Fazio Arm Circles, Forward and Reverse x10 each

Just as we were starting to feel good, brother Franklin decided he’d grace us with his presence, citing some sort of TruthNugget about his battery being dead.  YHC called for 10 celebration burpees.

Next, we ran to the Town Of Cary Rock Pile for a little group work. Count off 1s and 2, with Group 1 selecting a girthy rock from T.O.C.R.P. and Group 2 waiting anxiously for instruction

  • Set 1
    • Group 1 does rock curls
    • Group 2 Paint the Lines to the end of the parking lot, Bear Crawl back
    • And’a’switch
  • Set 2
    • Group 1 does rock shoulder presses
    • Group 2 Paint the Lines, Crawl Bear back (this finally slowed Sputnik down…but only a little)
    • And’a’switch
  • Set 3
    • Group 1 does rock tricep extensions
    • Group 2 Paint the Lines, Lunge Walk back
    • And’a’switch
  • Set 4
    • Group 1 does rock curls
    • Group 2 Paint the Lines, Crab Walk back
    • And’a’switch

The Pax were feeling good, so we went into a little Mary interlude featuring Box Cutters x20 in cadence and LBC’s x20 in cadence (double time, because what other way is there?)

The blood was pumping and the sweat was flowing.  Satisfied, YHC decided to keep the Tour de Cary rolling.  We ran out into the street (because Cary sleeps till 8am evidently, so there was no real danger) and took a turn up a side street.  Nabisco caught up with YHC and said that when he pulled his car into the parking lot on two wheels “Fast and Furious”-style, he noticed the dome light in YHC’s car was still on.  Nabs wasn’t late, but he also wasn’t early, either.  Literally right on time.  YHC thought fleetingly about the dome light, but decided Franklin could help jump the car if needed since he is evidently proficient.

YHC noticed some Pax slipping behind, so we stopped and planked for a few moments to get everyone back together.  Once everyone was caught up, we lined up on the curb for some Quick Feet (x20, in cadence).  I quickly decided this was a bad idea as we faced a sleepy little house and Burt kept mumble chatting like a little girl coming to the window and asking her mommy what the creepy men were doing in front of their house.  “Ummm….fellas, let’s roll”

We ran to the Cary Arts Center and started off the fun with a quick Plank’o’Rama: Regular, Right Arm Up, Regular, Left Arm Up, Regular, recover.

Next, we broke into 3 teams of 5 Pax each.  Each team lined up at the bottom of the steps and did some agility work:

  • Quick Feet up the steps, left foot first x 3
  • Quick Feet up the steps, right foot first x 3
  • Bunny hop to the top x 3
  • Two-step bound x 3
  • Left foot only hop to the top x 3
  • Right foot only hop to the top x 3

YHC, feeling a little quesy, decided to keep burning the legs and lungs.  Decided to try a new exercise to B.O. – the Dan Taylor.  Look it up in the Lexicon if you’re confused.  Its Jack Webb’s illegitimate cousin where you do Squats and Lunges in a 1:4 ratio.  We started by doing jump lunges in cadence.  That was a problem for most of the Pax, myself included, so we cut that crap out and did regular Lunges.

Next, we needed to wrap up the Tour de Cary, so we made our way back to the parking lot for some Mary.  Along the way, a kind fellow walking his dog called out, “What group is this?”.  Cary’s Ambassador to the Sad Clowns, Burt, took the opportunity to meet the man and explain what it was that he was witnessing.

We stopped short of the parking lot because I didn’t feel like we did enough with our arms today.  We cranked out 20 dips real quick to sate the desire to be totally useless later today.

Meanwhile, back at the parking lot:


  • 6″ leg hold – 10 count around the circle (with 15 freaking Pax)
  • Dying Cockroach x 28


No FNGs, but a first time post to B.O. by Bartman.  Welcome sir.

Praises – Goose’s son is back home and just about back to normal

Prayers – CeeLo’s mother having surgery, Burt’s Father-in-law not doing so well with chemo drugs, having surgery (?) – Someone correct me if I’m wrong

Cary’s NanTan (again, look it up in the Lexicon), the one and only Riptide, prepared a little something to share with the group.  The message was clear and strong: It is a CHOICE to live a life that matters.  Too often we get caught up in the wins and losses, but we forget about what is truly important and what really MATTERS.  The fact that we all just delivered some downpainment was a choice, and it mattered. Keep it up gentlemen.  I’m proud to be part of this group, and can’t wait to see the numbers grow greater as we make a difference in the community, in our families, and in our own lives.  Let’s choose to MATTER.

A great challenge put forth by Riptide – he urged the Pax to bring it, whether you can Q or not, always feel free to bring something else to the table.  Prepare something insightful for CoT, or share a piece of encouragement that spoke to you that week.  Share the good that is going on in your faith so that other’s might benefit. Sharing is caring.  Maybe we put a little too much emphasis on the 1st F, let’s balance it out with a little more meat in our conversations.  Great stuff today.


It was a pleasure leading you men today.  I look forward to the next time.  Oh, and one last thing.  I’m not too young to understand the whole “The Wind Cried Mary” reference.  Maybe you’re just to old.  #respecthate