Announcing the Triangle GoRuck 2015!  This is a custom GoRuck challenge hosted by F3 Raleigh, F3 Chapel Hill and F3 Durham.  The event will start on the evening of Saturday, October 17th, 2015.  The start point will be somewhere in the Triangle, determined by the Cadre and announced 24 hours before the event.  This will be an F3 Custom event filled exclusively with your F3 brothers.

What is a GoRuck Challenge?
The GoRuck Challenge or GoRuck Tough is a team event.  Its 10-12 hours and 15-20 miles with a 30lb ruck on your back.  Team building is lead by a Cadre.  Leadership is taught and teamwork is demanded. That’s technically what it is, but its a chance to get in the trenches with your brothers and learn what you are made of while building a lifetime bond with your F3 brothers. The GoRuck is what #CSAUP is all about.  Lets do something stupid and utterly pointless to sharpen ourselves and our brothers. More info about the challenge can be found on the GoRuck site here:

Pricing will be $50 initial and $50ish later.  Initial payment due when you HC.  The second payment will be due closer to the event.

Training Opportunities
Raleigh, Chapel Hill and Durham are teaming up for this event so everyone training together will be challenging.  To combat this we have two training regions, Raleigh and Churham (Chapel Hill and Durham), for weekly sessions. We also have three extended rucking opportunities for everyone to train together and get to know each other.  The extended rucks will be roughly one month apart, starting in July, and will be 4-6 hrs in length.

Raleigh Training Q – Single-Wide
Churham Training Q – Coco

Extended Ruck Sessions TBA
July 25, 2015 – Hosted by Churham – preblast here – backblast here
August 22, 2015 – Hosted by Quickhatch – preblast here
September 25, 2015 – Hosted by Raleigh – preblast here

What Now?
Registration has closed.  Contact if you want to do the event but missed registration.

!!! Registration has closed. 

Not 100% yet or have questions?  Send an email to Kanye ( or fill out the Registration form with a comment.


Let’s do this! Aye!