4 Pax found out finishing the pre-Mary portion of the workout early is never cause for celebration…

The Thang

Warm Up

Jog around the Park, Side Shuffle Hops, Imperial Walkers, Merkins, Fazio Arm Circles, Good Mornings

10 Min M Run on the 4 Tennis Courts

Max Pushups, People’s Chair, Max Pushups, Peoples Chair, Max Pushups, Peoples Chair, Max Pushups

The Dip X 20, Step Ups X 25, Irkins X 15, The Dip



WWII Situps X 25, LBCs X 30, Hello Dollies X 20, Rosalittas X 20, Homer to Marge X 30, WWII Situps X 20, LBCs X 20, Russian Hammer X 20, Frogs X 20, Plank, Fazio Arm Circles X30

COT- ¬†The Murph on Monday at Pullen, F3 Dads check the site, Hushpuppy’s Family Charity Golf Tournament in late September. ¬†Closing Prayer.