The Bermuda Triangle is a loosely defined region in the Atlantic Ocean where a number of air crafts and ships have said to have disappeared under mysterious circumstances.


We counted the PAX in COT after the workout… We had less than when we started, at least it felt that way. 3 torches were lit in the gloom to map out the triangle. Torches were about a 1/4 mile apart. Each torch had a #WIB – workout in a bag at the base of it… PAX were instructed to crank out the workout at each station OYO and as fast as possible without sacrificing form and sprint to next torch. Goal was to make it around the triangle as many times as possible.

TORCH # 1 РLocation  @ Top of Grit Hill #BFH

  • Merkins x 25
  • Peter Parkers x 25
  • Mountain Climbers x 50

TORCH # 2 @ Venice Beach (pull up bars)

  • Burpees x 35
  • Pull ups x 15
  • CDDs x 35

TORCH # 3 @ Far corner or the field

  • Jump up Knee ups x 50
  • Squats x 50
  • Flutter kicks x 100

The hill up to top of the Grit was a smoker especially after the Jumps, Squats and Flutters

1 full rotation was done by all, 3 full rotations was done by some, everyone embraced the suck. Great effort put forth by all. Just trying to live up to the Tru Grit name. #standards


Welcome Kokomo to the F3 Nation. Hell of a 1st workout brother.

F3 Wilmington Launch – June 7th – Send names to