YHC was a little nervous about his first boot camp Q, some how over the years I had avoided being the Q and have been the site Q or quest Q for run centric type workouts in ENC and Southwake.  Well like I told Shark Bait this AM if your not good at something (Merkins, pull ups, running, etc) probably means you need to do more of it.  Something that will at first be your weakness can soon be your strength.  YHC has a stack of 100 4×4 post at the homestead and wanted to find a way to use them.  (As Laker found out…treated wood …so heavier). All wood was 6ft so we wouldn’t compare our.

The thang
Quick mosey lap around parking lot
In cadence: SSH X15, arm circles x10 each way.
Grab your wood of choice
Lunges across lot with wood on shoulders, 20 overhead press, repeat for 7 min.
20 Curls with wood, 20 Squats, lap around lot. Repeat.
20x Woody Slam (bring 4×4 overhead and slam into sand pit as hard as you can), 20x WW1 with wood on chest, lap around sand pit. Repeat.  PNG: watch the shins!
20 Plankjacks with wood, 10 pull ups, 50 yard jog, repeat.
Muleskin: push yourself outside your comfort zone otherwise you will never grow. A muscle must first be broke down for it to grow, heal, and become stronger.  Don’t be afraid to fail…(Bible study, personal quiet time, pull ups in my case) you have to challenge yourself each day to be better.  You family, friends, and you deserve your best each day.  How much effort are you going to give your F3 workout, your family,  your job, and your spiritual walk today.
COT/BOM:prayers for PNG and his family tension, Stretch Ms grandma chemo.
Announcements:ENC GAZELLE has the Guest Q for #GettinTheRuns.   I have no idea what he has planned but I hope he makes somebody puke.