Might have missed a few folks above, call me out if that is the case. There comes a time in every PAX life where it is time for them to lead a Q. With the assistance of Maize today was that day for YHC. I have thoroughly enjoyed the 3 Fs of F3 since beginning to post a few months ago, now was my opportunity to give back and lead the PAX of 27 myself on the first F.

Warm Up: Starting where we park (significantly more cars at this hour than anticipated, YHC learned his first lesson here)

SSH x 25, WindMills x 20, Imperial Walkers x 20, Mountain Climbers x 20


Start things out the gate with a gasser Furley Mile down Anderson to Cooleemee, less mumblechatter than I expected from the PAX, starting out well. We had a few strong runners in this group.

Return to greenway entrance and plank in the grass. Alternate between left arm up/ left leg up and right arm up/right leg up, Merkins x 20, Carolina Dry Docks x 20

Under the leadership of Maize, Mosey on over to the Kiwanis fields via the greenway. Enter the fence and line up in high plank hold along the base line.

Walking the Plank L&R x 15


“The L-10” – Partner up, #1 runs the length and width to opposite corner, #2 performs AMRAP of exercise called.  Group 1 stops at corner and starts AMRAP of the same exercise,  Group 2 takes off towards Group 1. Same exercise is used around the perimeter. 5 exercises were Merkins, Knee-Ups, Diamonds, Flutters, and Burpees.

Stay on field and move to sideline. Same partners, P1 stays on sideline doing AMRAP LBC, P2 bear crawls to half field and crab walks back, flapjack, Low Squat Hold until all are finished.

Moseyed back to entrance of greenway and “jungle grass”, AMRAP burpees til entire team is back for Mary.


LBC x 30


Announcements – Susan G Komen Run is in June 13th, Lamp is putting together a team. The Arena is this Friday, Healing Place at 2:30 pm. Minnie reminded us to check for ticks, good call.

Prayer Request: Minnies grandmother being diagnosed with cancer, Praise for healthy babies for Moneyhose and Encroachment.


Definitely learned a lot from some great folks today. One is don’t do a warm up right on a busy street, it just doesn’t work. Two is the city needs to hire the same lawn people as Kiwanis….that grass is out of control. Three, Time management is a tricky thing to learn. You take it for granted when you arent Q but boy is it tough. I guess I will have to save a couple “thangs” I didn’t get to use for my next Q. Lessons learned! I appreciate the opportunity to lead such a great PAX this morning and look forward to more opportunities.


I missed the pax’s name who led us out in prayer and I apologize. Thank you for getting our day started in prayer.