The Forge welcomed 20 PAX for another round of the Two Headed Monster.  Fudd showed up just in time to grab two bricks-all PAX had chosen 2 bricks and were ready to roll.  Franzia made sure no FNG’s present, welcomed the VIP guest and started running with bricks in tow.

Ran the lake-stopped at bridge 1- lunge walk while curling bricks-run to next bridge REPEATO.  continue run (with bricks of course) stopping at steps quick feet x 20 (bricks held over head). continue back to entrance.

Warm up while holding bricks

SSH x 20

Fazio arm circles x 20- 10 forward, 10 backwards

Windmill x 20

Merkins x 20 on bricks- Low plank hold

The Thang

Grab your damn bricks and run to picnic shelter and pick a table

Dying cockroach (damn bricks) x 15 in cadence

Alternating L/R step ups x 20 (bricks suck)

Dying cockroach x 20-yes with bricks

continue our tour running through park stopped for quick feet x 20

run to the pump house

Peoples chair – bricks over head x10 (twice)

bricks straight in front x 10 (twice)

Tarp curl x 20 (twice)

BTW x 10 (Three 10 counts)

Fudd took over- run back to the parking lot return bricks  to Countrywides truck – who stalled by making sure they were placed properly.

Pair up -size matters.

run the lake

Bridge 1 partner carry

Goose juice Island- 20 burpees total with partner-

Bridge 2 partner carry

run to steps-

60 total erkins 10 a piece on each of 3 steps.

Plank until PAX finish.

Run lake again

Bridge 1 bear crawl

Goose juice Island- 20 burpees total with partner

Bridge 2 bear crawl

run to steps

60 derkins total with partner

run back to entrance-


50 LBC’s


Count off/name- o- rama


social this Thursday

Arena this Friday

Prayer request

Hush Puppy’s Father and Family-pray for his comfort and Family strength

King David

Epoxy’s friends fighting cancer

Ball of Man- Turkish Bath took us out.


Great way to start your Tuesday!  Pleasure to be with you men- honored to be a part of something so big in our lives #ISI